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Brian Sergio

Brian Sergio :: Bio

Brian Sergio (Filipino, b.1980) is a Photographer, Painter, and Graphic Designer. He studied painting at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts in 2002. Trained as a painter and a conceptual artist, he had a number local group exhibitions between 2000 to 2008 and worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director advertising agencies, before deciding to focus on Photography full-time. His solo exhibitions as a photographer includes ‘Pak!’ (2014) at Galerie Astra, in Makati and ‘Kidultery’ (2011) at West Gallery in Quezon City, Philippines. Sergio’s work has often been described as raw, transgressive, and irreverent. His method has always been about energy and movement; taking a gamble,getting involved, and going with the flow without diffidence. He released his 1st book called “Pak” (2017) published by Dienacht Publishing (DE). Then followed by “A Bastard Son” (2019) published by Zen Foto Gallery (JP). His latest release “Dios Mio” (2021) is raw, passionate, direct, honest without a bit of compromise to be softer to please the viewer, without turning away from any detail of the life that is genuinely enjoyed and fully lived through the way it is, however unconventional it might seem.This book was also published by Dienacht Publishing. Brian Sergio currently lives and works in Manila, Philippines

Brian Sergio :: Curriculum Vitae

Selected Exhibitions Solo: Bric A Brac: A Painting Show: Giant Dwarf Art Space, Rizal Philippines 2024 Angono Bound: Giant Dwarf Art Space, Rizal Philippines 2020 Pak!: Galerie Astra, Makati Philippines 2014 Kidultery: West Gallery, Quezon City Philippines 2011 Crapola: Pablo Gallery, Quezon City Philippines 2010 Enjoy Everyday Paintings: Blossom Entertainment (now abandoned), Quezon City Philippines 2003 Two Jars of Cookies: Installation, UP Interior Design exhibition at Unimart Manila Philippines 2000 ​ Selected Exhibitions Group: Orient Expres: Centro Internacional de Fotografia Cine, Madrid Spain 2018 Post-Repost-Share: Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok Thailand 2018 Mumbling Lessons, Group Show: Prose Gallery, Makati Philippines 2010 Quiet Tantrums: Mag:net Gallery,Makati Philippines 2008 Shoot Me: Photographs Now: Mos Design, Taguig Philippines 2007 Cancelled Metaphors: The Art Center, SM Megamall A, Mandaluyong Philippines 2004 Picture This: The Art Center, SM Megamall A, Mandaluyong Philippines 2003 The First Public Workshow: The Vargas Museum, Quezon City Philippines 2002 ​ Education: CFA Painting: University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts 1997– 2002 Books published: Dios Mio: Dienacht Publishing 2021 Flash: Edition Bessard 2021 A Bastard Son: Zen Foto Gallery 2019 Pak!: Dienacht Publishing 2017 Collections: Imago Mundi Collection: Treviso, Italy

Prints available in the stockroom.

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