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Jonny Tanoto


Jonny is trained and works as an architect. Photography and building design have commonality as they both require understanding of the elements and principles of design, thus architects make interesting photographers, partly because most look at detail. Jonny does not. He looks at as much as he can. These images were made on an ultrawide lens. At the gallery we are interested in how people who are competent with photographic language sees.

Chinese High Speed Rail Stations Project As an architect with a passion and need to recording the experience of architectural marvels in two dimensions, Jonny Tanoto embarks on a mission to photograph the grandeur of Chinese fast rail stations. With a high resolution camera and a keen eye for detail, Jonny meticulously composes each shot to showcase the stations’ imposing structures, sleek designs, and innovative features. From the soaring atriums to the intricate facades, he seeks to immortalize the dynamic interplay of form and function that defines these modern landmarks. Through his lens, Jonny tells a visual story of progress, ambition, and technological advancement, offering viewers a glimpse into the captivating world of contemporary architecture in China.

Prints available in the stockroom.

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