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Exhibitions Held

Impressing God
of Buildings for Worship

 21 July - 27 August 2023 


Religion provides people with a sense of purpose, moral guidance, and a framework for understanding the world. It allows like-minded individuals to foster a shared identity and a sense of belonging, to gather as a community. Every community needs a space. As each of the worlds great religions developed they created their own design language to instill in their followers an understanding of their Gods.

George Washington Wilson, Prajwal Bhattarai, 
Said Elmobasher, Võ Duy Kim
and garrie maguire in the Director's Space

Sheet Film 

An overview of work made in Victoria

26 May  - 2 July 2023

A survey of photographers working in Victoria making work on sheet film. This is an exhibition to inspire, to show the public that photography can a considered, precise and beautiful. 

Zo Damage, David Patterson, Hody Hong, Ali Choudhry, Andrew Green, Mark Darragh, Ellie Young, Lachan Fysh, Mat Hughes,
Kurt Baldonado, Avner Ben-Arieh, Kevin Xue, Shea Kirk, 
Keria Hudson, Charles Li, garrie maguire and Stuart Murdoch 

From Dags to Digital 
a history of commercial photographic processes

 30 March - 7 May 2023 


We invite you to step into a world where art and technology meet, where creativity and precision merge into a dazzling display of photographic craftsmanship. This exhibition showcases the beauty of commercial photographic print processes that became commercial, from the early days of daguerreotype to the cutting-edge techniques of digital printing.

ross spirou copy.jpg
Scott Davis, Travis De Jonk, Eureka O'Hanlon,
Bentron Parry, Rod Spark & Ross Spirou

25 January - 12 March 2023


A brief survey of middle-aged gay men, photographing male friends and acquaintances. Each is working within this newish photographic trope, and making it fresh. The rise of the gay liberation movement and photography as collectable art is parallel. The naked male still has the ability to make people feel uncomfortable, as the reality of the penis is disappointing compared to the phallus and its role in perpetuating patriarchal structures. By displaying these images we are conducting a reality check on masculine dominance.

This exhibition is part of the Midsumma Festival

A new place for xmas gifts

9  - 18 December 2022


For the end of our first year we are gathering some of the many interesting photographs we have collected and exhibiting them for sale. This is a salon hang so when a photograph is purchased it will be taken down for the new owner and replaced with another interesting image. 


//Dansk Santos // Raul Policarpio
// Zairene Yeoh  // Miguel de Quiros

29 September - 24 November 2022

Four photographers who make work that looks at aspects of talamitam/intimacy. Each approach and style being unique to their vision. They express the longing for intimacy, and that of self, the photographer's significant others and one's own child. The gallery is very proud to show these artists for the first time. Two make their homes in Melbourne two are based in the Philippines. 

a Flower Blossoms
for it's Own Pleasure

Matthew Schiavello, Victoria Bilogan, 
Minh Khoa Tran (Olly) & Danny Tasmakis

28 July  - 15 September 2022


A survey of photography of flowers in Victoria, featuring artists who are reinterpreting this genre of photography. Each brings personality and pushes the subject to find build on the traditions of this emotive subject.

Il Grande Giro
The Grand Tour
C19th Tourist Photographs of Italy & Japan

19 May  - 14 July 2022


Photographs from Albums from the 1870-1890s for tourists on the Grand Tour to Italy and the exotic tour, Japan.

Works by Kimbei, Sommer and Beato

are just he start of the collection.

This Thing; Photography
A Cultural History of the Medium

10 March - 1 May 2022


A overview of the history and cultural impact of photography according to the director of XYZ  Photo Gallery. Works on display include photographs by Salgado, Fenton, Weegee, Nadar, Warhol and


Looking For Adam

23 January to 13 February 2022

Ayman Kaake, David Charles Collins, David Lindesay and Ali Choudhry present new photographs reflective of their lived and viewed reflections on masculinity. 
image by Ali Choudhy.

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