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We would like to be aware as possible of what photographers and photographic artists are up too. We wish to establish new cliques, expand the old ones and find work that is exciting and moving no matter what your educational background and CV. Our gallery is a place for people to see great work that has not been seen before and classics that have not been seen in person. For this reason we are happy to look at all work via the form below. Often we will invite you into the gallery for a portfolio review if we would like to include your work in a show we are planning for want to know more about you. We like to look at prints, rather than monitors. Our initial plan is to be the place that introduces new artists and places them alongside the history of the medium.

We are looking for work on the following themes:

Photographs made with sheet film // Religious Buildings // Staged Portraits // the Coast // Gothic // homes // ghosts from history // Lebanon // Private Moments if you would like to publicise your work on these themes. Email please. 


The gallery is interested in helping practitioners achieve international attention. To this end we provide a sit down chat with artists to go through a body of work and ask questions and suggest places to look and directions to explore. The gallery director has 30 years experience watching the art scene, though he has not risen to the top, he has seen the how and why of those that do. These are by appointment. We do not charge for this, however we ask that you donate a signed print to be kept. One of the most important things in art is to have your work seen. 


On an adhoc basis, we have drinks at the soon to be gallery space. This is an opportunity to show work in progress and to enjoy the company of other photographers. Each month we will have two attendees show prints on our wall. This is an opportunity to explain and start a discussion about your work and gain exposure and feedback from others in the group. Limited numbers. If you would like to attend email us below. 

PRINT SWAP I attended the Light of Australia conference as a 26 year old and i got to meet many high profile photographers. Later in the year i travelled to the USA. I was asked by a work mate to deliver some photographs to Arnold Newman. He invited me into his breakfast alcove and pointed out some photographs, none needed introduction. There was Man Ray’s Women as Cello, a photogram, Ansel Adan’s Moonrise over Handanez New Mexico, Migrant Mother signed, A Paul Strand and another, he looked at me and said, words to the effect, son every artist needs to swap, it is the only way we get a collection. Swap with anyone who will, whether they are famous or not, all these are swaps he said pointing to the walls. He showed me around his apartment and it was full of photographers and painters he’d swapped with. In 1997 he told me he was in a ‘love fest’ with Salgado and was doing a 20+ print swap.

Over the years i have swapped with many people. I'm happy to swap with people in Melbourne. Prints from 10x8” to 12x16” or A4 to A3. These prints do not need to be part of the numbered set they can be marked ‘work print’ but must be signed and titled.

I have decided not to do any formalised swaps, but will help facilitate people who are interested in swapping. If enough people express interest and are willing to commit to being part, we will organise a drinks night for it. 

Bring Your Work to Our Attention

Face to Face if Possible

Please let us know what/how/when/why you are photographing. Insta, websites or other online places. We regularly hold portfolio reviews with a view to exhibiting and print swap meets.

Thanks for submitting!

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